The Wellness Roundup With Dr. Jill

Thank You For Showing Up and Being On Time!

We’d like to thank all of our families who consistently show up to their appointments and are always on time.   We’d also like to thank our families who call at least two hours in advance to cancel a sick visit and/or twenty-four hours in advance to cancel a well visit. 

Please know that BCD Health Partners has updated its no-show fees to $50.00.  This fee also applies to patients who arrive more than ten minutes late for their sick or well visit.  In this case, the appointment will need be rescheduled so as not to back up our other families who have arrived on time for their appointments.  

Despite untimely vomiting sessions five minutes from the office, cranky toddlers being woken from a nap refusing to get into the car, and having to rearrange work schedules to fit in to one of our available appointment openings, our Rock Star Moms and Dads still manage to get their kiddos here on schedule!  

We are fortunate that no-shows and late arrivals are rare occurrences at Healthy Kids Pediatrics and we appreciate all of your efforts to make that happen!


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