The Wellness Roundup With Dr. Jill

Healthy Kids Welcomes Back Physician Assistant, Peter “P.J.” Pimpinelli, PA-C

We are delighted to share the awesome news that our beloved Physician Assistant, P.J., is back at Healthy Kids Pediatrics!

To help us with the incredibly high demand and patient volume here at HKP, Peter “P.J.” Pimpinelli, PA-C, will be coming in on his 1 night off from Morristown Hospital to see sick and well visits.

From building new exam rooms to bringing in additional rock star health care providers, we are constantly taking action to give our existing families the best care possible and to make every effort to finally serve the current waitlist to join our practice- which is now over 400 names.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates…

Welcome back, P.J.!


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