The Wellness Roundup With Dr. Jill

Help Is On The Way: Meet Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Tom Gambino

Meet Dr. Tom Gambino, a licensed psychologist and friend of Healthy Kids Pediatrics who is local to the Nutley area.  Dr. Gambino will be sharing his helpful tips with us throughout the year in both video and article format and we will be posting them on our social media platforms. In his first video, which we’ll post next week, Dr. Gambino shares some great advice for parents on what to do when you ask your child, “How was school today?” and the response is a disengaged “fine” or “I don’t want to talk about it” or sometimes nothing at all.

You can check out Dr. Gambino’s website at and contact his office directly if you’re in need of individual therapy sessions for your child or if you are interested in parent coaching.

Have a great weekend! -HKP

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