The Wellness Roundup With Dr. Jill

Level 1 Polypropylene Disposable and Fluid Resistant Isolation Gowns Have Arrived for Dr. Jill and P.J.!

Our PPE shipment of fluid resistant disposable PPE gowns have finally arrived!

In this excerpt from the latest HKP update video, Dr. Jill and P.J. demonstrate the effectiveness of their new polypropylene (40 gsm) isolation gowns. We waited over 2 months for these specific gowns to arrive. They are lightweight & breathable, yet constructed and pre-treated in a way that prevents fluid exposure, microorganisms, and other harmful substances from penetrating the gown.

This is a huge deal for the protection of our patients and our families as it greatly reduces the risk of potential cross contamination between sick and well patient visits throughout the day. It also helps protect Dr. Jill and P.J. so they can continue to stay healthy.

It was a considerable expense due to the national shortage and rampant price gouging, but absolutely worth the peace of mind.


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