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Halloween Safety Tips from Felicia!

Check out these 3 important Trick or Treating Safety Tips from Felicia Belisle, our spooktacular office manager here at Healthy Kids Pediatrics! 1) Stay with your group! 2) Never go inside a stranger’s house! 3) Always have your parents check your candy before you eat it! Have a Safe, Fun, and Happy Halloween! -HKP

Mask Update: Masks No Longer Required

As always, one of our main goals at Healthy Kids Pediatrics is to offer our patients and their families as well as our staff a positive, safe, and comfortable experience when coming to the office.

In September, the CDC announced its recommendation that masks are no longer required in medical settings. We chose to take additional time to carefully monitor the conditions and we kept our finger on the pulse of our families and staff.

Since our local community levels of COVID infection are no longer high and we have an effective vaccine preventing serious illness and death available to all people six months and older, we decided that masks will no longer be required when visiting our office.

We encourage everyone to continue to use common sense and as a precautionary measure and courtesy to others, if you or your child are not feeling well please consider masking. There may also be times, on a case by case basis, that our team may choose to wear a mask during visits.

In addition, if any patient or family member still feels more comfortable wearing a mask as a personal preference please feel free to do so.

Should conditions in our community change we will immediately reevaluate our policy and make the necessary adjustments to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, but as of right now masks are no longer required in our office.

If you have any questions please contact us and we thank you for helping Healthy Kids Pediatrics continue to deliver the highest quality healthcare to your children!


When Your Child Is Feeling Anxious at School: Helpful advice from Dr. Tom Gambino

Some very helpful advice from #psychologist Dr. Tom Gambino on what to do when your child is feeling anxious at school. -HKP

1. Listen (repeat what your child says for clarification if necessary.)

2. Share an experience when you felt nervous.

3. Create a mental toolbox (“Let’s think of something we can do to help you manage your anxious feelings.”) Common situations that may be anxious for a child include presenting in front of the class, socializing with their classmates, or asking for help from their teacher(s). Tools that may help a child during or before these situations include deep breathing (slowly breathe in through your nose and then slowly out through your mouth), thinking of positive affirmations (“I can do this,” “I will try my best,” “My best will be good enough,”) or identifying a comfort object that they can bring to school (bracelet, key chain, wearing their favorite shirt, etc.) “When you look or think of this, it will give you extra strength when you’re feeling nervous.

4. Remind your child that they can feel anxious/nervous AND give a great presentation, feel anxious/nervous AND ask for help, feel anxious/nervous AND talk with their classmates.

5. It may be necessary to contact an outside mental health professional if your child’s sleep, eating, or overall functioning is being impacted.

*If your child starts refusing to attend school, contact your school’s mental health professional or appropriate school administrator. This can include a School Counselor, School Psychologist, Vice Principal, or Principal. School avoidance needs to be addressed immediately. The faster the issue is addressed the increased likelihood of a positive outcome.”

Know the Answer Before You Ask the Question: How Was Your Day? -Dr. Tom Gambino

Dr. Tom Gambino, licensed psychologist and professional colleague of Healthy Kids Pediatrics, shares 7 things you can do after you ask your child, “How was your day?” (3:50 second watch)

1) Trust your gut.

2) Meet them where they’re at.

3) Identify someone else.

4) Plan an activity.

5) Circle back.

6) Solve or listen?

7) What do you need from me?

Visit to contact Dr. Gambino if you or your child could use a little help. 💛👍


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