The Wellness Roundup With Dr. Jill

The Healthy Kids Team Pays It Forward with a Gown Donation to Colleagues

A few months ago, a few very generous people donated some PPE to the Healthy Kids Team when we were in need. 🙏 

After finally securing a large shipment of isolation gowns for our own practice to help protect our patients and our families, Dr. Jill donated 500 isolation gowns to some of her fellow physician colleagues across the country. 👍 

Let’s all keep taking care of each other and paying it forward. 

💛Stay healthy and happy! -HKP

Level 1 Polypropylene Disposable and Fluid Resistant Isolation Gowns Have Arrived for Dr. Jill and P.J.!

Our PPE shipment of fluid resistant disposable PPE gowns have finally arrived!

In this excerpt from the latest HKP update video, Dr. Jill and P.J. demonstrate the effectiveness of their new polypropylene (40 gsm) isolation gowns. We waited over 2 months for these specific gowns to arrive. They are lightweight & breathable, yet constructed and pre-treated in a way that prevents fluid exposure, microorganisms, and other harmful substances from penetrating the gown.

This is a huge deal for the protection of our patients and our families as it greatly reduces the risk of potential cross contamination between sick and well patient visits throughout the day. It also helps protect Dr. Jill and P.J. so they can continue to stay healthy.

It was a considerable expense due to the national shortage and rampant price gouging, but absolutely worth the peace of mind.


Positive Survey Feedback, Isolation Gowns, and Important Scheduling Updates for Healthy Kids!

In this episode of HKP Q&A, Dr. Jill and P.J. discuss: -the arrival of our new disposable fluid resistant polypropylene isolation gowns. -an update to our sick and well visit scheduling as a result of increased appointments. -a Fall flu clinic preview -the positive feedback that HKP received from our recent survey regarding the additional preparedness, cleanliness, and safety measures we’ve implemented in our office. (*Patients love the daily mandatory temperature scans and questionnaires that our team has to fill out at the beginning of each shift as well as knowing that all of our patients are screened as well upon arrival.) Wishing all of our families a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!


Healthy Kids Pediatrics Hosts Its First Ever VIRTUAL Open House!

That was exciting! Dr. Jill and P.J. brought their informative and helpful prenatal event right to your living room! Healthy Kids Pediatrics welcomed 25 expecting couples to join them for a comprehensive open house and tour from the comfort of their favorite couch.

Guests received some useful tips on how to be awesome first-time parents, they learned what to expect from our medical home and what we expect from all of our families in return, and they saw why Healthy Kids Pediatrics has earned its award-winning reputation.

If you or someone you know is an expecting parent, we invite you to reserve a spot for our next event (which is hopefully going to be in-person at our Nutley NJ location). Please call our office for more details. 844-437-5455.

Best wishes,


Vaccine Preventable Diseases: interviews Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino from Healthy Kids Pediatrics

As families stay home, fewer kids are getting vaccines. It’s another obstacle schools face in reopening. By Amanda Hoover-

Dr. Jill was interviewed by last week. The article features her guidance for keeping the kids in our country healthy and safe. It also explains some of the specific measures our practice has taken these past 2 months to ensure that HKP families continued to receive the best pediatric care possible despite the challenges.

“The fear of coronavirus is making people not want to vaccinate,” said Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, owner of Healthy Kids Pediatrics in Nutley. “This unfortunate potential of vaccine-preventable illnesses, that’s the thing that’s scaring pediatricians the most. If we don’t vaccinate, we’re going to decrease herd immunity. These are not benign illnesses.”

“…[Dr. Jill] said her practice has separated well and sick children, seeing those with symptoms curbside. She said she requires children within her practice to receive vaccinations…”

Click on this link to view the full article and additional quotes.

Thank you, Dr. Jill!


Frequently Asked Covid-related Questions Answered by The Healthy Kids Pediatrics Team

Our team wanted to check in with some answers to 5 questions we’ve been receiving over the past several weeks: 👍

1. Why do I have a bill from HKP for a date of service where I was not in the office?

As of March 1, 2020, HKP began billing for telephone calls and electronic communication with our medical providers. We are following all CPT coding guidelines and certain criteria must be met in order to submit a claim to your insurance company. If your insurance does not cover the fee, they may pass the financial responsibility to the patient. An e-mail was sent to all HKP patients in February 2020 to notify everyone of this change. More information on this policy can be found on our website, along with the charge for each code that may be submitted. Please note that if the concern is something where we would recommend having an office visit as soon as possible or if it is a follow-up about the same concern from an office visit in the previous 6 days, this will not be billed. We do not want you to be afraid to approach us!

2. Am I allowed to visit my family and friends during this pandemic if everyone has been quarantining?

We want a solid answer to this question, too. However, since COVID-19 is still so new and recommendations are changing by the hour, it is best to follow guidelines that are frequently updated on the following websites:

New Jersey Department of Health COVID Information Hub


3. Are you testing for COVID-19 in the office or can you order us the antibody test?

At this time, not much has changed regarding our thoughts on testing since we last sent an update. Please reference the text below from our previous e-mail. We are not recommending routine testing but if you have any concerns, please feel free to call us to set up a telemedicine appointment. As more information becomes available, we will be sure to keep you updated.

PCR Testing (nose and throat swab): This test is done to see if your child is currently fighting a COVID-19 infection. If you feel that your child has symptoms of COVID-19 infection we encourage you to contact our office to set up a telemedicine appointment to discuss this further. If it is determined that testing is necessary we can give you information on local testing sites. We are not performing PCR testing in our office and we cannot guarantee that a testing site would perform the test on your child.

Serology Testing (blood test): This test is done to see if your child has already had COVID-19. Unfortunately, the currently available test shows high rates of false positive and negative results. This means that if the test is positive, it may not be accurate. That is why most experts, including us, do not advise this test, at least as of yet. We do not want people to think they are protected when they may not be. The test is licensed at this time for research and making policies about COVID-19, but not to see if any individual has had COVID-19.

4. Is HKP still seeing patients in the office?

YES! It is vitally important that children continue to receive their wellness visits and immunizations in order to detect disease and continue to stay healthy. We have a system in place where we are trying our best to keep sick and well visits separate. Almost all visits related to illness have been and will continue to be performed in our parking lot from your vehicle. We are also offering telemedicine visits during regular office hours for concerns that may not require an in-person visit.

5. What is the procedure for entering the office?

As mentioned above, we are trying to keep all sick visits in our parking lot. If you are coming to the office for a sick visit and you are instructed to stay in your car, you will be given instructions on where to park by our office staff when the appointment is made.

Upon arrival, we ask that you call our office to check in and further instructions will be given at that point. Please be sure to use the bathroom at home prior to your visit since we are trying to keep as little in-office traffic as possible.

For well visits, we ask that you do not enter the office any more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you arrive any earlier, please call us first and we will gladly let you in sooner if we have a room to put you in. Our waiting room is closed.

Upon entering you can check in with our front desk and will be promptly guided to one of our sanitized exam rooms. We ask that you wear a mask for yourself and all children over 2 years old. We also ask that you limit the number of people who come into the office for your child’s visit to only one parent or caretaker. We are making an exception for newborn
visits where both parents are allowed to be present.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns and be sure to follow our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information!


A Successful Office Status Report, Covid Antibody Updates, Kawaski, and the Plandemic Video with Dr. Jill and P.J.

In this episode of HKP Q&A, Dr.Jill and P.J. discuss the continued operational success of the Healthy Kids practice, the status of covid antibody testing, the emergence of kawasaki vasculitis, their gratitude for families keeping their well visits to prevent vaccine preventable diseases, and a brief mention of the viral video- Plandemic. We hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Shout out to all of the awesome Moms and StepMoms out there! 🙂 Stay healthy and have a great day!



I’m Very Ferris: A Beautiful Children’s Picture Book That Focuses on IVF Through the Eyes of a Child

I'm Very Ferris by Tess Kossow

Our friend and fellow author, Tess Kossow, wrote a beautiful children’s picture book that focuses on IVF through the eyes of a child. If you or someone you know would like to purchase a copy of I’m Very Ferris, click on the link 👇 below. -HKP

“Opening the topic of a new conversation on an important subject, I’m Very Ferris welcomes children into this honest series about a special and beautiful way to create a family.
Infertility is a topic that can now be addressed with children of all ages, as they follow Ferris through his life adventures, and yet always give respect to the process of IVF.”

“Going Strong!” An HKP Office Update and Some Springtime Tips from Dr. Jill and P.J.

Dr. Jill and P.J. give a one month update and discuss;

1) A successful 1-month status report on maintaining well visits, outdoor drive up sick visits, and the seamless implementation of telehealth visits,

2) The importance of keeping a daily routine at home,

3) A few tips regarding vitamin D supplementation, sunscreen, and bug spray,

4) And, some physical manifestations of stress to look out for in your child and how deep breathing can help them cope.


Important Updates and Reminders from Dr. Jill & P.J.

Dr. Jill and P.J. check in with: an important reminder about vaccines, a positive note about our telemedicine program, a reassuring update regarding 3 weeks of safe indoor well visits as well as outdoor drive-up sick visits, a grateful shout-out to everyone who has donated masks, a ray of hope from the CDC, and a friendly reminder about Easter/Passover.

Have a great day! -HKP

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